Sunday, August 23, 2009

of our first day of ramadhan...

we just had a very simple meals for our break fast last night—


a jug of chill "siren" (red syrup and original sunquick orange mix). i would like to advise you to use red rose horse label for the red rose syrup, the best!


some plates of home-cooked dishes by mama [clockwise from top left]: meat curry gravy, grilled fish, rendang dinding (she used grandma's recipe of course, hmm... yummy!), fried sausage with tomato sauce as per megat's request and...


lastly mama fried some green veges almost to break fast time, cuz she wanted it fresh and hot from the 'wok'! i tell you what... if you know me, then you would know it that i like this pic. its the movements of my mama's hand that showed the true story. aren't people always said: a picture speaks a thousand words...

although that's just what we had, what's the most import things were i have been surrounded by my loved ones. besides that we had a healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals!

moreover believe it or not, we didn't even bother to go to the pasar ramadhan at the tepi sungei! while for desserts, we have quite a number of mini magnum, sorello and more ice-creams in the freezer. plus bars of chocolates too! isn't that sounds awesome?... i guess we learned to be more wised on our break fast meals from the past years experiences. we hate to see left-over food to be put to waste.

so what about you people... care to share some stories with me?