Wednesday, August 05, 2009

she won't be back on 'american idol'...

paula abdul says she won't be back on 'american idol'. the judge posts her intentions on twitter:


in case you can't read her tweets above clearly, here's what she wrote about 5 hours ago:

With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to #IDOL. I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all..Cont'd...

I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent,but most of all being a part of a show that I helped from day1become an international phenomenon.

What I want to say most, is how much I appreciate the undying support and enormous love that you have showered upon me

It truly has been breathtaking, especially over the past month

I do without any doubt have the BEST fans in the entire world and I love you all

you can read more about this issues here.

eventually paula abdul is part of my favs since my younger years during the 80s. i lurve her songs like opposite attract, rush rush, etc. i guess its because she danced along her musics very well, i like...

i also used to have a cassette collections of all her albums. besides that i bought some videos of her aerobics workout. and i still remember, one of them was paula abdul's get up and dance! :)

so paula, i would like to wish you all the best in whatever you do!