Thursday, August 27, 2009

ants do rest and sleep people!

it was just the other day when we giggled to megat's reaction to 'awoken ants' as per him hehee...

the story: he was about to place the dinner plate near the wash basin, that he saw some 'sleeping ants'. nonetheless he still placed the plate there. then the ants went doinkkk!!! [while megat shaken his head and some of his body parts] as though they awoke when megat disturbed them rotfl... that was cute! owh, how i wished that i captured that moment in a video.

"didi (弟弟), where got ants sleeping!" puteri told her didi.

well, since i was not sure myself, i quickly got some help from ms google after i finished my meal. and to answer megat, yes, apparently ants also rest and sleep since they worked very hard =)

if you are interested in this, then you may wanna read more about it: