Monday, August 24, 2009

good morning...

i would like to welcome you to this humble blog by greeting you in your own language, but i don’t know what time of day it is for you and i don’t know which language you normally speak. so i’m going to assume it’s morning and, if it isn’t, then never mind. as we say in english: “it’s the thought that counts”.

one cautionary note: i understand that there are often several ways to say "good morning" in any particular language. another difference is that, in many countries and cultures, the greeting used is not so much strictly "good morning" as a kind of general salutation often referring to god. language is not a science and, on this page, i am trying to give the version of "good morning" that is specific to early in the day.

i hope that you will find the greeting “good morning” in your own language as what i know so far, as per follow. if not, please e-mail me; advise me of how to say “good morning” in your language and i’ll add it to this blog post—

  1. Chinese:
    • Cantonese - Zao san
    • Mandarin - Zao an

  2. English: Good morning

  3. French: Bonjour

  4. German: Guten Morgen

  5. Indian:
    • Hindi/Hindu - Namaste
    • Tamil: Vannakkam

  6. Indonesian: Selamat pagi

  7. Japanese: Ohayo gozaimasu

  8. Malaysian: Selamat pagi

  9. Spanish: Buenos dias

  10. Swedish: God morgon