Sunday, August 30, 2009

of my blog purpose...

the main purpose of this blog when it first started was just as an online personal diary, nothing more than that. basically i wrote about whatever i feel like to write i.e. my experiences in life, my two lovely kids, my reviews on f&b places that we went, movies and many more... in other words, its a place for me to rant and released my stress and relaxed through writing. but one thing that i always bear in mind is NOT to touch on politics! full stop.

along the way i came across nuffnang at my first bloggers meet in penang. i guess that's how i started to share and try make money while blogging. then i have been invited to join socialspark; and the rest was history. believe it or not, i got more opportunities and of course incomes with socialspark than nuffnang. i know the answers to that, but i leave it for you to figure it out yourself hehee... nonetheless i really enjoyed my time at blogger events organized by nuffnang.

you can learn more about blogging here or just type anything you wanna know in the 'search' box on top left hand corner of this blog. better still email me like some of you people did. we became online friends though.

like Dragon Blogger, we met in socialspark (isn't it kewl people, by blogging, i met bloggers from all over the world)! here's what he gotta say about this topic:

One of the biggest questions I get asked by new comers to SocialSpark is how do I start making money with blogging. This is a fair question and is something I am always trying to learn the answer to myself. Before you should think about monetizing your blog however, you need to define your blog purpose.

Your purpose is your entire reason for your blogs existence, your purpose needs to be developed with your potential readers and audience in mind. Your purpose helps keep you focused on what your blog is about and keeps you doing it. read more here.

to add up to this, i am so glad that i went to the 'blogging and law' conference some time ago. there and then i am very much aware of the do's and dont's about blogging and such. thus you won't see other people's pics in my blog unless otherwise stated. important: gives credit where credit is due!

and as you could see now people, my blog is not really about making money. i still write anything and whatever came across me. the blog ads opportunities are just bonus!

so what about you people. care to share some of your blog purposes with me?

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