Wednesday, September 09, 2009

look at me!...

...'s pic taken during "berbuka puasa bersama nuffnang" on 5 september 2009, courtesy of sawanila. tq kheirul!

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Yesterday at 11:18am · ·

Oooh-la-la!! Yesterday at 11:24am

Nice ayu. Yesterday at 11:31am

1. owh... you make me shy ler... btw my friend, i forward-ed you the link to sawanila's collection of pics from the iftar session via fbmail :)

2. thanx dear! fyi this was kheirul's first pic of the event. tak rugi i rasmikan! hehee... anyhow its better than mine also ;) Yesterday at 11:42am

Nice pic Kak ... :-) Yesterday at 12:19pm

i agree with ... so ayu : -) Yesterday at 3:52pm

see... told ya the other day that one of kheirul's pic is for sure gonna be as my profile pic!

so as you could see people i lurve to be photographed as much as i could. part of the reasons being that i believed photographs are something nice to be treasured by my future generations :)

i would like to take this opportunity to thank kheirul again and again and again... for taking this wonderful pic of me! err... lain kali ambik ler gambo i banyak-banyak lagi ek? a few comments that i received on my fb (that's not include emails) already makes me proud of it! hmm... so now was it me or the photographer who snapped a great pic of me that make me look good, huh? hehee...

p/s real names and links (including mine) on fb have been omitted for privacy purposes.