Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the day finally starbucks replied me...

i was deliberately happy last few days when @StarbuckMY responded to my warm welcome to them on twitter. so i thought that they are obviously answering to almost everyone, cuz there and then i remembered of an email i sent to on 30 march 2009. i attached my blog post link on earth hour 2009.


my main point was just to tell them that their outlet in ipoh didn't seems to bother to participate in the nationwide programme. unfortunately i have never received any reply.

i braved myself to tweet them to inquire about this. and i am glad i did. i received a feedback from the tweet in about 8 hours or so—


now i hope that the starbucks in ipoh will be informed of this matter. although some people think that this is nothing but nevertheless it will reflects the reputations of the whole starbucks instead. they can't take things for granted, as though that people from here are not aware about our environment. haluuu... see the legs ler, occay?!!...


you just imagine... how would you feel if the management are striving hard to do the best for their company, but on the other hand there's still some of their people who can't get along with them. how sad... even in their environmental mission statement, they called their employees as their "partners"! so isn't it uncomfortable if your "so-called-partners" can't work together with you.