Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the guitar


i have just watched "the guitar" a while a go... at least to ease the minds and a like... ;)

it's hard to think of the accurate words to describe "the guitar". "ridiculous", "overdramatic", and "oxygen channel after dark" are all words and phrases that spring to mind. but mostly, it's just bad.

basically, the plot is this: melody wilder is sick. she has cancer. her doc gives her one or two months to live. in addition to this, she gets laid off from her job and ends a relationship with a man she's apparently dating (i gathered... i wasn't entirely sure what was going on) to add up to pretty much the worst day ever. melody almost kills herself, but notices an ad for short-term loft apartment rentals and goes for it, completely abandoning her apartment and all the stuff in it (melody isn't much of one for moving her stuff with her, it turns out).

what follows is a kind of bisexual, white NYC "last holiday". melody starts spending money left and right, buying all kinds of swanky clothes and furniture for her apartment. she also buys a guitar, and a bunch of amps she doesn't really need (it looks like she's getting ready to host a rock concert in her loft) because of some childhood dream of owning a guitar that never got fulfilled. oh! and before i forget, there's that bisexual thing: melody has sex with the guy who keeps delivering all her packages and the gal who keeps delivering all her pizzas. all this without ever leaving the apartment!

things keep getting more and more implausible, to the point of utter laughability. all the characters, including the female lead, are totally two-dimensional, barely explained, and chock-full of stereotype fulfillment. here's an example: the pizza delivery girl is both a) italian and b) getting married to an abusive boyfriend with mob connections. other characters, such as melody's boyfriend who breaks up with her in the first ten minutes of the movie, should seem more important than they appear (and they appear very little, mostly as incidental plot devices). finally the whole plot structure collapses and the movie just goes flat, at which point it has the good sense to end.

the thing that gets me the most about this movie isn't the terribly goofy plot, nor the more-intimate-than-necessary sex scenes. it's the message that materialism will heal you, and that an object can give you meaning and something to live for. melody seems to have found happiness. "the guitar" tells us that shopping cures all ills, even, it turns out (spoiler alert) cancer.

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kuE' note:
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  2. btw watching this movie, already reminds me that hard rock hotel, penang is opening its door very soon (19 september) liao!... uhuu... nevertheless i am the one who is damn excited hiks!... and just for the record: i did pass-by the hotel some time in march when its still under renovations :~)