Friday, April 18, 2008

den tum... den tam...

ya... while i am typing this, i can hear the sound of the fire crackers from town-- its the sultan's 80th birthday tomorrow people!!! i am not in the mood to view it, as i am in the mid of baking a birthday cake ordered by a teacher for tomorrow. well its in the ovens though :P thus that i made it for this post! yea... hehe...

Dirgahayu* Kebawah Duli Tuanku!

"dirgahayu" is an interesting word. i know the readers of this blog together with the hundreds of thousands of perakians driving past by huge banners that say "Dirgahayu Kebawah Duli Tuanku" are taking the banners for granted. but here is the interesting bit-- how many actually would know what the word "Dirgahayu" means? do you know? i know because i checked.

"Dirgahayu" according to a dictionary (ahh... whats the name?), my trusted 3K+ pages dictionary with tiny little fonts that hurt my eyes, defined it as "(mudah-mudahan) lanjut usia; berumur panjang (biasanya ditujukan kepada raja, negara, atau organisasi yang sedang memperingati hari jadinya)". so, "Dirgahayu" just means "long live", thus the English equivalent of "Long Live the King". the next time you passed by one of those banners you can tell everyone in the car what that means.

so, if ever news camera was to approach you and ask you to wish His Majesty a Happy Birthday, you know what to do ;)

and as usual, one of the must yearly event here is the 'panjut' (oil lamps) festival competition by government agencies and communities in the district. they will usually turn kuala kangsar into a fairyland with a massive display of 'lampu panjut' (oil lamps) using bamboo as the receptacles, a common practice among perak malays to add festivity during the month of ramadhan. the 'lampu panjut' festival will be held for two days.

here's a pic taken the other day--

while this one that i snapped tonight--

although it was raining, but the rakyat (people) still went out either with family or friends to enjoy the great night views of kuale... well we'll see whether i wanna go out again tomorrow night, maybe to take better pics (?).

fyi too people, kuale really gonna be damn busy this weekend. the 'pesta ayor' (water sports festival) is on sunday. while malay college' OBW® 2008 is from 18 to 20 april, duh!... btw to all bebudak koleqs, welcome back!!! *grin*