Monday, April 14, 2008

make people happy

i’ve done it. i’ve tried it and it does not work.

living to “make people happy” is really not a fulfilling way to live.

when i was in the people pleasing business i was miserable. mostly because i really did not know what it took to make people happy. i did what they wanted, but because they were NOT happy with themselves, they could not be happy because of something i did.

i have since learned that happiness must come from within. it’s how you see things, not necessarily how you do things.

since i am trying to leave the people pleasing business, i myself have become much happier. i have also attracted happy individuals to my circle.

true happiness comes from within, not from others. therefore it is nearly impossible to “make people happy”.


i would like to thank Kimi, Rose and kechik for their wonderful blog post. “terima kasih daun keladi” ek?

o yes... i just would like to highlight something on Rose' post. i have to edit a word there with an esterix (*). sorry people... take note that not everything about my life can be revealed in the blog ya... tqsm for the understanding.

well guys, i guess it won't be a problem at all for you to blog earlier or later than the assigned date as discussed. the most important thing for me is to get THE 36 counts w.e.f. 8 April 2008 until THE big day. now i realized that NOT everyone is as free as me though... so whoever has been invited by me, feel free to post something on my blog as a guest blogger whenever you wanna ;)

i never thought of having as many post as i can here in my blog (yea... its reaching 600th post soonnnnn...! ) with this idea. but its rather as a some sort of creating something different here in the blogosphere-- like yesterday even though i didn't post anything here, at least i updated something on my baking blog... peace!