Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Q&As -- PROJECT #36

  1. how long is this project gonna be?
    its started from yesterday until 13 may 2008.

  2. who is involved in this project?
    i hope to manage to get/invite 36 guest bloggers of all walks of life from the day 8 april 2008, approaching to the big day, that is to mark my 36th birthday insya allah, god willing...

  3. how will this work?
    i will invite bloggers to my blog, then it would be easier for them to post something just from their own blog. so there would be one guest blogger blogging each day, along with me hehe...

  4. since many bloggers are invited to this project, so what's the topic like?
    no specific topic. thats the challenge here ;)

  5. is there any more chance if other bloggers would like to join?
    there's still a few more openings. just email me.

  6. why is this project called as such?
    simple! you know, i am going to be 36 this year... and that's also the reason i chose to invite 36 bloggers to be my guest here *grin*


i hope that i have answered everything you wanna know about PROJECT #36. if there's anything more, holla me and i would be much glad to add it to the above.

i would like to thank Lydia Teh for being such a sport to be my first guest blogger for this project. read her post here. this shows that even though she's a well known housewife-turned-writer now, she still do not mind to do me some favour for this humble project of mine (take note that i said this with reasons, thus just let of what had happened will be turned accordingly by the karma *sob!*). i first met her at her honk! talk at the curve last year.

and now... last but not least, wish me luck ya y'all!...