Monday, July 07, 2008

the red wedding at tupai tupai

as you could see from the above pic, we were in kl again during the weekend. this time was for a wedding also--cousin niki's wedding reception for the groom's side at tupai tupai restaurant. i specially chose those to be published here because like i mentioned before, "i like/try to take photos naturally, as i believe people are at their best when they are not aware they are being photographed". take note that all the pics has been taken by me except for bottom right by my cousin muzmania. nice one dude! i likeee... go and view more pics here.

actually i feel so great to be there. that was only the time we had the chance to meet with relatives whom we seldom meet. the usual tradition nowadays, relatives would only meet during weddings or deaths. reached home almost midnite, too tired to do anything but get into bed.

kuE's note:
wanna know who i met over the weekend? stay tune to find out more about it ;)

* * * * *

tupai is the malay word for squirrel. the double usage of some malay words meant many, so tupai-tupai means more than one squirrel ;)

tupai-tupai actually means a tool/connector that connects the pillars and rooftop frame for traditional malay houses :D they don't have screws back in hang tuah's days.

the place is amazing. basically look like a rustic kampung with the attap roof. took a seat and soak in the ambience. the floors are completely built on silts and its entirely made out of wooden planks. can hear creaking sounds each time people walked pass by. true to their tagline "suasana di rimba kuala lumpur" (forest in kuala lumpur), the place looked as if its situated in the middle of a forest. it's amazing to find this place hidden right in the middle of the city.

they've got a few elevated wakaf (pavilion?) and it has low table. one need to sit bersila (cross legged in malay) style. cushions are provided.

all-in-all the ambience is great, but unfortunately, the food is only so-so... and don't even talk about the service :p

the restaurant is located behind dewan bahasa dan pustaka (DBP) and opposite MAA building. you can dine as long as you want as the parking there is free! tqsm sis (you know who you are) for the direction... anyhow i missed a turn ler... then have to turn back one wayyyyy round blerk!

tupai tupai
no. 551A, jalan bukit petaling,
50400 kuala lumpur.
tel: 03-2143 2525
opening hours: 11.00am-2.00am, daily