Wednesday, July 02, 2008

more on 'estet'

regards to this blog post, here i explain to you people a bit of why i was sooooo kecoh about the upcoming film estet cinta manis by mamat khalid.

first let me show you people my fellow readers these pics, courtesy of this post from mamat khalid's blog--

isn't these venue familiar to you? it can be found here too!

while this one' ...

and this one' here (and also here).

to some people, our home is already well known and famous to local film makers *glurp* . whole day shooting was done on the very same day that i went to kl for nuffnang's wild "live" blogging.

so i dunno much of what exactly happening on that day. from what i know, part of our house has became like an indian estate manager's bungalow lol... anyhow i have also been told that many funny thingy did happen around the house/behind the scene. besides they were shooting a funny/comedy film anyway. it seems mamat khalid played the piano and singing at the same time too!

mother served the extra cupcakes from this order to mamat khalid and his family, who were here also. according to mother, they love my cupcakes so much that mamat quickly spooned some of his wife', after he finished his-- " hmm... selalunya i tak makan cream-cream ni semua, tapi yang ni best lagi dari alice* (ipoh) [translation: normally i don't eat frosting, but this one is better than alice* (ipoh) ]". his wife already asked mother whether i accept orders for raya... duh! ;)

*not real name

now you know of why i was so kecoh about 'estet' ya? alright lor people... mother and i are going out for a dinner invitation here in kuale shortly. i'll take great pics if i can hehee... and blog about it here of course :P