Tuesday, July 08, 2008

when cupcake makers meet

what do you think cupcake makers would do/talk about when they meet each other?

would we...
  1. talk about cupcakes/bakery stuff bla bla bla
  2. bake together
  3. eat cupcakes
  4. exchange our cupcakes

we are just an ordinary people. we don't just think, eat or dream about cupcakes. we also have our own life to think about heh!...

so eventually i managed to squeeze in some time to meet my fellow cupcake makers ween for breakfast on last sunday. well at first our plan was to go with the number 3 answer above, but since we saw that bisou didn't open, we headed to sheraton instead, which is located just across the street huhuu... probably next time ya ween. when i checked their site just now, finally i saw that they have stated the correct business hours blerk! they open till really late--2am on fridays and saturdays. i guess that's to cater to the clubbing crowd at asian heritage row where bisou is located, and also to the late-night dessert-craving crowd like ME :~)

it was so nice to meet ween for the very first time. she's tall and slim compared to me whose much shorter than anyone else i know hehee... fyi i am just stands at about 5'2" tall anyway ;) we knew each other via blogging followed by talking on the phone, text-ing each other hmm... what else? yes like ween said we just 'clicked'. too bad that i was rushing for my cousin's wedding, if not i am sure that we would still be talking like there's no tomorrow lol... its alright lor, i am sure there will be a next time that we could have much more time to spend maybe at bisou (?).

kuE's note:
pic courtesy of ween and edited by me ;)