Friday, July 18, 2008

introducing... uncle goh the fruit seller

we were at uncle goh's (kok seng) fruit stall when i suddenly remember that i wanna take his pics for my 'people of kuale' project hehee... he was surprised though because as long as he could think of +/- 40 years in the business, no one would approach him to take pics! we also have been one of his regular customers ever since then.

the stall is located right infront of bank pertanian, near the bus station. that actually has been his 4th location. the first one was in the local market. then the town council moved the fruit stalls to the middle of the town. they have been moved again then to a spots seems specially for fruit seller near the perak river. lastly now at the current location. let's just hope that they won't be moved anywhere else after this. i am sooo sick seeing what's the town council people were up to right, so easily instructing people to move here and there. make up your mind dude!

the pic showed uncle goh's stall (right) and another one is of him with his son (left).