Saturday, July 19, 2008

homemade breakfast is the best way to go

start your day with a good breakfast, made from simple breakfast recipes; it's your most important meal and gives your body fuel to get you started in the morning.

there are a variety of breakfast recipes to accomplish this. meat, eggs, vegetables, cheese, fruit, cereals, potatoes or all of the above can be used to create a scrumptious breakfast dish. a nice glass of juice is a pleasant opening bit, fresh or frozen.

there are a multitude of bars and snack foods that supposedly are all healthy and nutritious and extra convenient (read all the information on the bars). however, i think a good homemade breakfast is a lot more delicious.

the few minutes that it takes to prepare an easy breakfast recipe is well worth the time it takes. some can even be done the night before to make it even easier. even if all you do is place all the items within easy reach.

keep abreast of the current information on nutrition, don't be a piggy and enjoy life. also learn some new breakfast recipes. there are many ways to spice up breakfast by adding:
  • fruit to cereals
  • hot sauce and salsa to egg dishes
  • different flavors of syrups to waffles and pancakes
  • different flavors of coffee and teas
  • various types of toast from apple sauce to zucchini bread

or else try this one or this from my very own kitchen ;)

experiment, try different combinations of foods and condiments, usually if you like the individual ingredients you will like the combination.

"variety is the spice of life"

kuE's note:
pic taken this morning during breakfast. can you all see of how fast my kids have grown up?