Friday, July 18, 2008

sepi that makes me feel good

i never believe in second chance but after i watched sepi, it changed my perception. it gave me strength to let go the past and hoping for a new beginning. honestly, i'm in love with someone but loving someone made me weaker than ever.

i thoroughly enjoyed the company of my movie date with puteri few weeks ago. i just dunno of why i didn't have the guts to write the review on that very same day itself. initially we were so sceptical yeah... i wonder why we put ourselves in such situation in the first place... perhaps because we really wanted it to be another surprise movie like cinta.

i'm glad we chose sepi instead of made of honour (my earlier choice). admittedly we would have enjoyed a much better script, acting and cinematography in MoH than sepi. yet...the former wouldn't have made us cry silently. and cry, we did. just as we did two years ago when we watched cinta.

remarkably in sepi, afdlin shauki surprised me with a degree of maturity in his acting. almost no 'heeheeheee...' fillers. although vanida imran and him acted pretty well, i prefer the storyboards of the other two couples. sayu (translation: sad, just like the background music which i really lurveee)...

sepi was worth every ringgit i spent that evening, and more.

morals of the story:

  1. don't over generalise the quality of local malay movies. they have improved greatly since the yusuf haslam's era.

  2. not everything 'orang putih' is necessary good. we have to have a more open-minded approach to our local products and productions. so this makes me wanna proudly remind you people again to watch estet in february 2009.

have a great weekend, everyone!