Friday, July 11, 2008

DIY and save a bomb!

every morning, my N76' alarm clock and i fight. it plays its obnoxious great song (thats what Mr Z said) starting at 5:38 am and continues between every five-minute snooze break until i bring myself to get out of bed. sometimes i lie in bed and think of reasons not to get up. but my brain has learned that i have to be awake on time no matter what for the sake of my children. if not this daily struggle to crawl out from underneath the warmth of my covers will definitely causes me to be in a perpetual state of running-late.

after all my one true lifesaver has been my discovery of headbands.

i've unsuccessfully attempted headbands my entire life. i've gone through phases but they've never really been my thing until recently. a few months ago, i bought a quilted black headband at forever 21 in queensbay mall for like RM15+ (?) because it was rather cheap, looks comfortable and can matched with anything i wear. ever since then, it has been love. i can wash my hair the night before, get up the next morning, straighten it, and throw on a headband in less than 15 minutes and i look stinkin' amazing!

i have also noticed tons of celebrities wearing them on and off the red carpet. they are a great way to glamorize up-do's without the drama of a tiara. headbands are a god-send to us snooze-hitters too because they keep hair out of our eyes and oily roots under cover. plus, they are way cuter than baseball caps!

i don't know about you but i value every opportunity to sleep just a few minutes later and seize every chance i get to look fabulous. so, try a headband (if it matches your purse, even better!). you may find them as a great reason to hit snooze and just another way to be GORGEOUS!

unfortunately this morning i found that it has been ruined when i forgot to bring it down from the car. part of the insert lace layer was torn off maybe because of the direct sunlight. so instead of throwing it away and buy another, i fixed it myself and save a bomb! i went in, took-out my glue gun and waited for few minutes. once its hot, i slowly placed the glue at the lace layer that already came out. i have to hold the lace and headband between my fingers for a while to ensure that it sticked in firmly. then tadaaa...

i can wear this favourite headband of mine with the gorgeous look (ehemm...) again without any single sen! hehee...