Thursday, July 10, 2008

megat's haircut

we visited the barber yesterday--

and witnessed the transformation of the new megat!!! ;)

we were at yut loy earlier soon after picked up megat from his scouts activity. i was kinda surprised though when megat agreed to my suggestion to cut his hair at number 2 (the barber usually used razor blade number 2 for a 'crook cut' type hair)! i guess the last time megat had that type of hair when he was in the kindergarten.

our visit to the barber this time saw uncle rajendran alone without his older brother (pic here) who died because of high attack on 9 may 2008. they run the business together since 1975. go here and here to know more about them. anyhow uncle rajendran is lucky that an indian friend from penang came to give a helping hand.

kuE's note:
this blog post is a part of 'people of kuale' series :P