Wednesday, July 09, 2008

photo editing is an art

in earlier times, i took my snapshots with my trusty old yashica, given to me by my dad for my 11th birthday; removed the film cartridge and dropped it off at the drug store for developing. after about a week, i picked up my prints. what i got was exactly what the film was exposed to. no cropping, no sharpening, brightness or contrast adjustments were available unless i had my own film processing and print studio.

with the onset of digital photography, it has become possible for everyone to learn and perform successful photo editing. there exists a plethora of digital photography software that allow differing levels of image manipulation. with a decent digital camera, a computer with a quality printer, and one of the many versions of photo editing software, you can produce stunning photographs. you can crop for closer views of your intended subject, darken or lighten the exposure, adjust the contrast, sharpen the image, change it to black and white, sepia, or grayscale.

add a good scanner and you have the ability to edit your old standard photographs. that old faded photo of you as a child can be brought back to life with a few clicks of your mouse. with the right software, you can place objects from one photograph into another. create a montage of any person containing their pictures from birth to present. that beautiful old ford you took a picture of at the cruise-in brings back fond memories?

just insert yourself into the photo standing proudly beside the car of your dreams. photo editing not only provides you with beautiful keepsakes of the people and places in your life; it can provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. children giggle and squeal with delight to find themselves placed into unknown and exciting places.

which ever direction you take in choosing a photo editing program, be prepared to become totally hooked on working with digital photography. as you discover the many tricks and tweaks possible with photo editing, don’t be surprised to find yourself immersed for hours at a time tweaking and manipulating your photographs... just like ME! :P

kuE's note:
sample some of my recent trial works here (try to compare it with the original one by ween and see whether you can spot the difference, other than the background hehe...), here, here (my right hand holding the mouse was kinda shivered when i was first doing this lol...) and the most recent one is the pic above where only myself stands out, while the rest of them were blurred ;) so what do you think people?