Thursday, July 24, 2008

told you a headband can make you look amazing!

i was browsing mr manager's blog just now when i came across this post. what did i see? well i was definitely interested to see sheila majid's latest pic there looking radiantly wonderful as usual although in her casuals outfit, plus she was also wearing headband! chantekkkkk (pretty)!!! see... didn't i tell you people before that headbands can make you look amazing...


meanwhile i did go to 8tv's destinasi badjet episode 2 site as asked by KNizam. i didn't watch the episode on tv last nite cuz by the time he posted about it in my shoutbox, i have just logged off and (surprisingly) went to bed early ;) ermm... no wonder ler... its a travelling-on-a-budget programme. in that episode the guy travelled around tepen (taiping) and trying to make use of the budget of RM300. go here to watch it online.

eh... when i followed my girl guide's trip to maxwell hill before, we walked up there ler... tak main ler naik jeep! lol... anyhow its in the list of one of the places that i really wanna bring my kids to. kewl huh?!!