Saturday, July 26, 2008

on the same day...

last 2 weeks--

i went to kl with puteri. the main reason was to attend a STS on sunday. we reached kl around 4+ pm. so i thought maybe we could check-out bisou since i didn't get the chance to try it with ween last time, more over it was right on time for teatime! wargghhh!!!... i guess it was not our day :( bisou was closed for a private function... blerk!

last week--

my main cpu crashed and now i have to make do with the extra one. one thing i hate with this one is that it can't read any usb connections. yes! i really meant ANY as in no matter of any thumb drives, digicams, usb wires, anything! hangin betul ler! in fact i have pics of homemade kundas that i still owed KNizam. so bear with me if there won't be much posting for the time being.