Thursday, July 03, 2008

lagi lagi 'estet'


kuE with farid kamil and jasmine michael

we came back around 1.30am. although it was late but we had fun with the cast and crew of '
estet' (malay word for estate). its not just an ordinary invitation o-k-? but one of the crew came to the house earlier of the day to menyampaikan utusan from tuan pengarah (deliver a message from the director) hah! to invite us to join them for their farewell bbq dinner at resort safari sungai perak. owh... i know that life is definitely not fair for some. anyhow we felt honor in some ways.

it was their last night in kuale. finally they completed the film shooting after staying here for about 32+ days. according to them, they will be coming back during the ramadhan insya allah for another film called zombi kilang biskut (biscuit factory' zombie) ;) i can't tell you people what's this about, cuz i didn't watch the previous one myself *glurp* :/

back to last night, i was kinda excited liao to be in the circle of film people. i guess not like my lil' bro as he's already used to it. they are all very kind. i could see that they are very committed with their work-- even though we were having the dinner, part of the crew were still finishing the last part of their work at the location set i.e. for the film montage. and when they are at play, they really had fun with each other.

well i think that's it for now... enough of 'estet' for the the time being... let's just wait for the movie to be screened maybe in february next year.

o yes... farid kamil is rather sooooo damn tall i tell you... that i have to look up when i spoke to him! but he adjusted his posture when we took a pic together (ref above) so that he won't look so tall lol... clever huh?!!! go here to view more pics ;) too bad rosyam nor and david arumugam already went back cuz they got some other errands to do.

kuE's note:
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