Thursday, November 20, 2008

old town white coffee, near ipoh padang

actually i have been to old town white coffee, near ipoh padang for many times; but now only i felt that i ought to review about the place because of the uniqueness. its located right infront of the ipoh padang. pic on right shown an another view of the field.

mama had to go to one of the banks there yesterday morning. so since old town white coffee is just around the corner, we walked there while waiting for mama to settle her banking thingy.

i can assured you people that this old town white coffee shop is very different from its other branches. its placed in two lots of an old corner mansion shop houses building—

that's why i said its very unique. it also has a private room specially for private functions, meetings etc. on one lot. you don't have to pay any extra charges to use the private room. we can just booked it with condition that the estimated average rate per pax is RM5.00 only. i had a meeting there once that's how i know. while another lot housed dining area for normal customers.

i have also dined there during the evening before. at those time roughly after 6pm or so, extra tables and chairs will be placed at the out-door area. the environment out there was very nice, with the sounds and feels of the winds breezing and embracing my entire body, from top to toe... speechless!

refer to the above pic, from top to bottom and left to right:
  1. the private room
  2. a view
  3. another view
  4. old town instant white coffee, RM11.00/bottle
  5. outside view form inside
  6. puteri sipping her iced chocolate!
  7. our food and drinks— iced chocolate (RM3.80 each), ice blended white coffee with hazelnut (RM6.30), ipoh chicken hor fun (RM5.80) and kaya & butter toast (RM2.50)
  8. this is my favourite corner of the kopitiam
  9. me! taken by megat

old town white coffee
3, jalan tun sambanthan (near ipoh padang)
30000 ipoh
tel./fax : 605—2435833

kuE' note
more f&b review to follow very soon! ;)

disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are entirely based on my personal taste buds and may vary for others. the reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.