Sunday, November 16, 2008

some people still dunno malaysia(?)

i was playing an online board game similar to scrabble, lexulous a while ago, with a guy/gal (screen name: westieluva) from nyc. believe it or not he/she asked me of where malaysia is, as soon as i typed my location on the shoutbox blerk! what-the-heck! haluuu... you were the first one who asked me that sort of Q ever since i joined lexulous (formerly scrabulous) early this year.

now let me stressed out here— take note that people like disney on ice and harry connick jr plus many more placed malaysia on their asian' tour list. what's more when our country is included in the F1 race. too bad you dunno us boo!... :P

westieluva was leading the game in the first place. but i managed to win towards the end of it... hah! that served and proved it to you that no one can play-play with me :~)