Friday, November 14, 2008

the coffee shop

i came across this new hang-out place called the coffee shop in sunway city, ipoh when he dropped-by my baking blog a few weeks ago i think.

my uncle ayah chulan had a wedding reception for his only son last saturday. mama suggested us to visit his family home in ipoh the day before. so i thought maybe we could have the chance to try out the coffee shop. mama also was surprised that i knew about this place beforehand. ma... this is all because of the technology lor... the pics posted on the blog really attracted me, beside the cute logo... i likeeeee!!! *big grin*

we went straight there after finishing some errands at ipoh old town, before going to ayah chulan's place. it was drizzling, so there was no front view pic from me. i parked exactly besides the shop located at a corner lot. but anyhow you could find some pics in the blog though.

there were only three stalls operated at that time by malay, chinese and indian operators who sell halal foods like malay, indian, and western food. i bet there would be more in the near future. check-out the food we ordered, along with the prices—

the food were all good, so tempting... except my mama's fried mee which was so-so as per her. while for our drinks— iced milo (RM1.70 each), fresh orange (RM2.00) and teh tarik (RM1.60). so altogether i paid for RM33.00 . not bad huh?!!... especially for the nice and great environment too.

another thing that i like is the washing area. its so unique consists of frying pan as the washing bin, placed on a charcoal stove. so many compliments, yet only one thing i would like to stressed out here, which my mother didn't like as well because her fried mee was from the malay' stall— lotsa flies liao!... flying around the food stuff there, it was so disgusting. i wonder whether the malay operators were aware of how the other stalls operators managed to take care of theirs promptly. mother was so afraid if she would ever get diarrhea later on. but thank god nothing happened *phew*

the coffee shop
23-25, persiaran SCI 2/2
sunway city
31150 ipoh

business hours: monday to sunday from 8am to 10pm, including public holidays.

disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are entirely based on my personal taste buds and may vary for others. the reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.