Saturday, November 15, 2008

hoo optical

mama was in need of two pairs of new glasses, including an extra one for spare. so i was really looking forward for this trip to a local optometrist, Hoo Optical; especially since my last blog post about 'people of kuale' was sometime in august. thank god the Hoo' were very co-operative, thus with the result of the good pics that i managed to snap *big grin* Mrs Hoo did ask me whether i am a journalist wohooo!!!... i shook my head hmm... at the same time i was wondering whether i should just told her that i am a blogger. but the thing is mother dunno about it (of me being a blogger) at all wheeeee...

as you could see it's a family business since 1970 with some help of a few staff. the business was first operated at jalan (road) dato' sagor or better known as low road by local people. they moved to bandar baru fasa 3 in kuale town many years back. Mr & Mrs Hoo Foo Won (70 and 62 years old respectively) are very lucky to have a 30 years old son who had the same interest with them. Dr Hoo Chee Hoe is their resident optometrist. he graduated from university of bradford with diploma of higher education (opthalmic dispensing with management) and bachelor of science, second class honours second division in optometry.

most of the Hoo' generations customers are very regular with them from the first they opened its door, including mama; not forgetting the perak royal family from the past. in other words, most of the local people knows them very well too.

i could see why. there was a-datin-kind-of-lady customer when we arrived this morning. she wanted to have another pair of glasses. Mrs Hoo and one of their staff really looked happy helping her to choose the correct and suitable glasses. there were no sign of complaints at all. i could also see of how sincere they were towards their customers. besides that, their product prices are also very reasonable. they treat everyone the same, with no discrimination of type of customers they served i.e. whether you are poor or rich. isn't that how business people supposed to treat their customers right.

hoo optical
13 bandar baru fasa 3
33000 kuala kangsar
tel. : +605—776 1406
fax : +605—776 3134
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