Thursday, November 20, 2008

kat kopitiam

we have been part of kat kopitiam's regular customers here in kuale ever since they opened quite some time ago. i can't seems to remember of when was that ler plak... but i know i have mentioned about it few times in this blog. megat speaks mandarin with them whenever we go there. good for megat! as he could practice his mandarin skills with them very well. some of the customers would be stunned you know, seeing a malay boy spoke mandarin with the kat' fluently hehee...

most of the food served are western style, and kat is very good on that. its not strange as kat learned and further his f&b studies in kolej (college) syuen or better known as syuen hotel and catering institute, a member of the syuen group hotels. i also understand that he worked with a hotel in singapore for few years before he moved back here to manage his own kopitiam. he cooked most of the orders himself with some great help of his mother.

we had lunch there, just the three of us today. as usual, the food were marvelous! hmm... yummy...

and these are the nice and friendly people behind kat kopitiam—

so if you people feels like having nice western food whenever you are here, do drop by kat kopitiam! make sure you tell them that megat's mom recommended you... hah! :~)

kat kopitiam
8, jalan kangsar
33000 kuala kangsar
tel. : +605—7767318

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