Tuesday, November 11, 2008

of 3 more days & spm—

children can't really wait for this moment where school holidays' just around the corner. it will be reopened on 5 january 2009.

this is the time when we can spend and have more time with our kids especially. so i doubt some of you people have already make plans for the school holidays ya... no matter locals or overseas, depends on each other's interest and/(or) ability. well what matters most is the quality time that we should have with the kids. they already cracked their heads in school for months, and now they shall relax their mind... same goes to us adults right.

i am not sure of how we gonna spend ours. but we'll see...

to those of you who haven't had plans yet, malaysia airlines is having a global online sales on their site. scroll and click on the mas promo above. hurry! the promotions will be ended in +/- 1.5 days. don't wait or you just might miss it.

* * * * *

so while we gonna enjoy the school holidays very soon, form 5 students have started facing the most important moment of their life, that's the spm exams!!! including my cousin liyana

the HOPE, the STRUGGLE and the HARD WORK towards a goal
success is part of the rewards
achieving goal itself is not the whole reward...
BEST WISHES from chor!