Monday, May 10, 2010

when i am damn crazy about 'hoedown throwdown'...

this is what you will get as my slogan:

Rice Crisps by Mister Potato make my day go Hoedown~ Throw it all together, that’s how we roll!!!… ;)

and this is the line dance version. and believe it or not, i lurve to do this dance! i haven't record a video of mine though. wait and see ler... if one of these days i am up to it... ;)

so basically hoedown means a square dance, the music for a square dance, or a social gathering at which square dancing takes place.

the most popular sense of the term is associated with white americans in rural or southeastern parts of the country, particularly appalachia. it is a dance in quick movement most likely related to the jig, reel or clog dance. according to the website "streetswing", a hoedown was a virtuoso display of footwork, where a succession of dancers each tried to outdo the previous dancers. this meant that if the last dancer was the best one the audience would cheer wildly. the implied meaning of "improvised jam" has found its way into other contexts. for an example a rollerblading hoedown is a similar competitive display.

to all you nuffnang glitterati members, submit your slogan now! 150 most creative slogans will win the commenter a pair of invites to the ‘snack & screen’ session of prince of persia on 27 may 2010. not just that, in fact as usual there are many more prizes to be grabbed... woot!