Saturday, May 15, 2010

fake eyelashes anyone?


Luscious BY NAJEEB is the best selection by him. It is as natural as your own; lightweight, wonderfully soft, reusable, it is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Luscious by Najeeb is widely used by celebrities, models and beauty conscious consumers.

Luscious by Najeeb is made with sterilized, natural hair and it is a great way to enhance the look of your eyes.

excerpts from luscious by najeeb website.


and more importantly when budiey blogged about the product launching that he attended, we at silver line studio are proud to have najeeb's mother as one of our students! as we snapped the above pics, she just came back from kl; for the product launch on 24 April 2010, by fazura, a local celebrity. it also said that this product was inspired by fazura's quote: "talk to my lashes" when she tried najeeb's choice of fake eyelashes; until it became the motto of this product during the launch.

you can order this product online at RM18.00 each (excludes delivery charges).

p/s redmummy: i can get this fake eyelashes from najeeb's mom at a very special price. you want? i can bring for you when i go down to kl end of this month, insya-Allah ;)

"talk to my lashes"