Sunday, May 16, 2010

let's help save temengor!

waking up on a beautiful sunday morning to the chirping of birds and hens, i remember that i haven't post this~


if you have been my blog readers and followers, i am sure you are all truly aware that i always pledge for us no matter where we are in the globe to save the mother earth! it's not that hard to bring shopping and/(or) recycle bags with us whenever we go shopping. as you could see in the above pic (that was taken about two weeks ago), i brought quite a number of extra shopping bags and placed them all in one! and it's no harm at all for a shop that support environment if you use a different bag other than theirs; the most important thingy is as long as we save the environment i.e. we saved at least a plastic bag! i will show you people a tip of the easiest way to carry more bags, in my upcoming blog post soon... ;)

and now, i pledge everyone to save the temengor too! its located in the northern state of perak, the belum-temengor forest complex, in the state of perak is over 130 million years old, older than the amazon and congo basins, subsequently much more complex in biodiversity.

the contiguous belum-temengor forest spans across a massive 300,000 hectares; approximately four times the size of singapore. it forms the last remaining contiguous tract of forest in peninsular malaysia, which is outside the national protected area system. with a huge diversity of flora and fauna, it allows malaysia to be recognized as one of the 12 mega-biodiversity centres in the world.

we strongly believe that given the opportunity, belum and temengor areas are more valuable under conservation management, rather than being converted to other uses, or developed solely for the extraction of their natural resources.

as such, legal protection of these treasures would go a long way towards sustaining the biological diversity our tropical rain forests.

anyone who wants to support mns in pushing the government to extend protection to temenggor can participate in its ‘save temengor’ campaign which is supported by the body shop.

the petition for temengor's gazettement is at the petition can also be signed at any the body shop outlets.

*info about temengor is from the body shop.