Saturday, May 15, 2010

men will always be men~


when i saw the above' in a friend's fb status this morning, i was like: huh! men(?!!)... duh! ;P

it also reminds me of a girlfriend who, some time ago, had been taken a back exactly just like the statement. she was so regret about it. from what i knew, she was cursing her boyfriend then after she found out that she has been cheated. the boyfriend must got fed-up, the relationship clashed there and then *phew*

why are men in charge? why do men have all the power?

it's not because it's 'normal' or 'natural', i feel it's because too many stupid females are too busy degrading themselves and trying to appeal to men to focus on being treated better or having full respect. the crazy thing is, point out the truth and these same females get so mad. i am a female myself, so i notice stuff that might not be so obvious to the guys.

take a good look. in the cases of many females (TOO many), EVERYTHING they do comes back to pleasing men, appealing to men, and degrading themselves for men. the crazy thing is, it starts so early and it's so ingrained they don't even realize it.

look, i am not bashing men OR women. i am not saying one gender is better or worse than the other. what I AM saying is that it's high time for females everywhere to WAKE UP and stop being complacent so as not to upset men. stop lowering yourselves! stop degrading yourselves!! stop dumbing yourselves down! stop handicapping yourselves! stop lowering your quality of life, or just plain putting it on hold, for men!! stop attacking each other thinking it makes men happy!!

people need to get a clue and the genders need to adopt the best traits of each other instead of one group just copying the worst traits of the other.