Thursday, May 20, 2010



think football, think adidas!

and its always vise versa~ think adidas, think football!

the name adidas has become synonymous with football itself, with many famous world class football players such as david beckham and steven gerrard wearing the boots on the pitch. but are adidas really amongst the best football boots available and, if so, why?

from the research that i have done on the history of adidas, i merely found out: its a german company that was originally set up by adi dassler to make sport shoes after dassler's return from the first world war. adi originally made the shoes in his mother's kitchen! in 1924 his brother, rudi dassler, joined the company. however, the partnership didn't last long and the two brothers decided to go their own ways in 1948. adi continued to develop adidas and rudi went on to create puma. the fact that both of these brands are still market leaders today is a sure sign of the innovative techniques developed by both brothers and the quality of the shoes. since this time, adidas has specialized more and more on the manufacture of football boots and other football equipment.

adidas has a reputation for making some of the best football boots on the market, making them the manufacturer of choice for many international players. they make exceptional quality boots suitable for everyone, not just top players. if you are an advanced player then you may need the heightened performance of the predator boot. if you are more of a classic player then you may want to consider the pure boot model. or, if you're feeling really extravagant, you may want to create your own perfect boot from the tunit range. no matter what you are looking for in a football boot, adidas is likely to have a boot that fits your feet and your needs perfectly.

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