Friday, May 28, 2010

celebrities who stink


gosh! this is rather difficult. how do we know of which celebrities need deodorant liao(?)... i do not have an answer here. but if i know of any celebrities who really stink, i would recommend them the adidas action 3 deodorant.

i was attracted to this product because it uses cotton to help absorb perspiration. it contains no aluminum and is non-staining.

i tried the product and was somewhat disappointed. it contains fragrance and i don’t like anything competing with my perfume. however, after using the product, i realized of why it fragrance.

it doesn’t really stop the wetness very well at all. now, i have to admit here i am a pretty bad sweater especially when i do my line dancing. however, i would have had to reapply adidas 24 hour control extra absorption deodorant for Women several times during the day in order for there to be no sweat odor. and that disproves the 24 hour control promise.

after using this product off and on for several months, i have found a use for it. if i run out in the morning without showering (shhh... hiks!), i use this first and the scent helps me feel fresh. so, in that regard, i like having it around.

would i recommend it? yes, especially to people who don’t sweat a lot to begin with, it would probably be great.

i may buy it again, as it is more convenient to find than other natural deodorants. it can be found at any type of mart store.

project alpha is presented by adidas action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.