Thursday, August 21, 2008


as you could see people without you realized it or not, every year malaysians would always talk and comment about petronas' national day's tv ads.

petronas tv commercial ads are among the top award ads in malaysia. this is part of the commitment of petronas play a role to spread out public service messages to the community. you won’t miss to catch out the tv ads during the malaysia main celebration likes hari raya, chinese new year, deepavali, and merdeka day. most of the ads are about integration between different races in malaysia while malaysia is going to celebrate the 51st mederka day on 31st august 2008.

2008' is yet another touching ads. this time its been acted and directed by afdlin shauki. congratulations dude... the message that you tried to convey are so meaningful. way to go afdlin!!!...

what say you people?