Thursday, August 28, 2008

putu mayum (suri)

putu mayum is one of the famous food here in kuale (kangsor). its a sweet dish of rice noodles with coconut and jaggery as main ingredients. sometimes i like to eat it with brown sugar. the process-- mix rice flour or idiyappam flour with water and/or coconut milk, and pressing the dough through a sieve to make vermicelli-like noodles. these are steamed, usually with the addition of juice from the aromatic pandan leaf (screwpine) as flavouring. go here to find out more about putu mayum. i found a recipe here, but i am so sorry that i can't comment anything because i haven't try to make it myself :)

uncle suryarao is 55 years old and has been selling putu mayum for more than 24 years. he carried his putu mayum and its stuff in a stainless steel box container placed on his motor bike. according to him, he specially bought it on a made-to-order basis at +/- RM100 only. but now with the drastic economy changes, i am sure the price is kinda bomb!

uncle suryarao would normally be under a tree near the wet market, not far from the bus station; in the mornings except on sunday. as you could see from his appearance, he looks deligantly presentable-- he wears white apron with cap, and also an identity for "pengesahan suntikan typhim" from the local health office. no doubt everyone like to buy his putu mayum, besides of the great taste of course. well people, if ever you dropped-by here, make sure not to miss to try the putu mayum ya... its only priced at RM1.00 for 4 pieces ;)

kuE's note:
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