Friday, August 22, 2008


on our last day in kl last tuesday, we went to bukit bintang again. the first was on sunday. this time we had to go there again because puteri wanted to go to a shop selling t-shirts at the bukit bintang's monorail station. i can't seems to remember the shop's name ler plak...

we parked at bb plaza and wandering around that afternoon, happily together while searching for a great place to eat alas... we saw u-café along jalan sultan ismail. the ambience seems to be in a comfortable environment at an affordable price... i like... it offers local cuisine with a modern touch. besides local favourites, they also serve western food. anyhow i saw many people ordered pineapple seafood fried rice. must be good right. probably i can try that next time ler...

this is vietnamese mini spring roll (RM8.90). we shared this while waiting for our food to arrive. its not that bad. even megat ate more than one piece ;)

the main reason we chose this place because of megat, as he seems won't have enough unless he eats rice. its his choice of lemon chicken rice (RM12.90) hmm... looks yummy ya... i tried a bit, nice.

and this one was yours truly's cajun chicken chop (RM18.90). i was so damn hungry and i finished it all lol...

C25 fiesta street
sungei wang plaza
jalan sultan ismail
50250 kuala lumpur
tel: 03-21429686
business hours: sun-thu (11am-10pm); fri-sat (11am-midnight)

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