Thursday, August 28, 2008

get "the look"

what would be the best way to get the attention of a guy? many guys prefer a woman with a sweet smile, dazzling eyes, supple skin, lovely physique, smart outlook, but what would all that mean without a soft, shiny, sexy, unique hair?

VO5 calls the soft, shiny, sexy, unique hair as "Victory Hair". for me, Victory Hair is when attraction happens between a man and a woman who notices each other's sexy hair style.

my way to achieve Victory Hair is first, wearing my hair with Extreme Style by VO5, dressing up fab, styling with some make up, putting on a sexy scent, and going out to strut my stuff and who knows, something might happen next!

but it becomes much easier to achieve Victory Hair by playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship. it's a fun game, you're like in a dating game where there are two guys and you have to choose who you like better through a question and answer contest. other than that, you can play the game over and over again and meet more people, more sexy people with their own versions of Victory Hair. you don't have to go anywhere else because the game is right at this page!

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keep on playing the game and who knows, you might be the Ultimate Flirting Champion!

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