Friday, August 08, 2008

oh what a dream!

...this was of course right after falling asleep listening to one of my favourites toni braxton on .

it was a very short dream, though very vivid-- especially the 08.08.08 part... i actually 'saw' those numbers as if reading them on a screen as i spoke them... (must be a result of reading too much on the net...)

anyhow... in the dream, i was explaining to my 2 sisters about 'tribulation'...
and i told them in the dream that on 08.08.08 an event was going to take place... (and i can't recall all i said to them... it was something like: "the spirits will return to..." )

[arrgghhh... i don't know if that meant good or bad spirits... it seemed though... through the "flavor" of the dream it was 'good'---]

i don't know 'where' "these spirits" are supposed to be returning to... 'here' on earth... or "going back" 'to heaven' ?

that was basically 'all' the dream was...

i still don't know for sure, if dreams are just "outlets" for all the stuff that gets poured into our minds during the entire day and night or if they are some kind of "telepathic message" from 'above' or both.

when these "sheep" are told anything about the "hidden government" or "the ills" they either think you're too fanatical... or like you're 'taking away their bliss'


anyway... the numbers 8 8 8 are something to ponder in and of themselves--

i know what the #8 can denote... and i know what 6 stands for...
well, i think ya know what i mean...



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