Saturday, August 09, 2008

what i did on 08.08.08

the number 8 is most auspicious for success whether it is in relationships, family, health or in business. therefore this ‘triple 8 for prosperity’ day which comes only once in a hundred years is very special indeed. so unique in fact that celebrated and highly respected positive energy specialist Dr Silvia Hartmann, PhD has named the day The World SUCCESS Day, the first day for the whole world to celebrate success and prosperity.

for further information on The World SUCCESS Day visit .

as for myself, its just a normal friday for me-- school days you know? what we do expect right. its just that the date 08.08.08 has "special" significance. so say the chinese and polybore. the chinese have 5000 years of experience of getting this sort of stuff right, almost as long as polybore. you have been warned *glurp*

so basically our night was different than any other night. everyone were all ready stand-by in front of the damn tv by 7.45pm! the official opening of 2008 olympic games in beijing was tremendously awesome!!! words really can't describe it all. i bet everyone have witnessed it right.

and today...
the kids go to school as usual to replace their raya holidays. puteri has one more saturday to go. surprisingly megat also goes to school today ya... looks like chinese school people also wanna enjoy the raya holidays this time around too! well we most probably going to ipoh later today after they finished school. i'll update this InsyaAllah.

as for now, may good luck be your friend in whatever you do and may trouble be always a stranger to you. have an awesome weekend people!!!

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