Wednesday, December 01, 2010

world AIDS day

1 december: it's world AIDS day - think about it. talk about it. ask about it.

started on 1 december 1988, world AIDS day is about raising money, increasing awareness, fighting prejudice and improving education. the world AIDS day theme for 2010 is 'universal access and human rights'. world AIDS day is important for reminding people that HIV has not gone away, and that there are many things still to be done.

according to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 33.3 million people living with HIV, including 2.5 million children. during 2009 some 2.6 million people became newly infected with the virus and an estimated 1.8 million people died from AIDS.

the vast majority of people with HIV and AIDS live in lower- and middle-income countries. but HIV today is a threat to men, women and children on all continents around the world.