Saturday, December 25, 2010

ho ho ho!...

today is christmas day, and this means billions of people across the world will be spending the day with their family. even though for many the day lacks any religious element, it is meant as a christian festival to celebrate the birth of jesus christ. many however view it as an opportunity to give presents and spend time with their family.

most people will send christmas messages or cards to ones they love or care about. however in the digital age this can all be done online [take note: ecards are actually not my kind of thingy although i am a green person; read more on why is this so here]. there are many free christmas ecard providers who will give you the opportunity to send an ecard to the email of your family and friends.

there are many standard christmas messages, such as “happy christmas” and “merry Christmas”. however most people like to personalise their own messages, sending their own personal greetings to the people they care about.

so i will wish a happy christmas to all my readers, and i hope you have a happy new year.