Thursday, December 02, 2010

old one, it is!...

hi all...

it's been a while since my last post. yaaa... kind of busy lately. in fact i always mentioned no matter here or on my twitter or fb; i have lotsa things to blog about, yet i have so little time to do them all duh!

alright so mom has always been talking about a nephew's (her grand-nephew) wedding lately that would be held in mid-december. i would say that it will be a lavish wedding reception in a 5-stars hotel in the heart of kuala lumpur.


click on the above image for more view of the baju

finally i told mom this morning that i will just wear an old baju that i bought from a grand-aunt. grand-aunt went to bukittinggi, in indonesia many years ago. i asked her to buy me like 7 (yes, 7!) embroidery tops with different colours and designs of course. bukittinggi is famous with those kind of handicraft (view them here).

the clothes that i have are just fine. if i had a billion dollars, i would probably save most of it. i am not going to buy new things until i need them, not simply because i have the money. when i am a billionaire who will care about my appearance and look down at me? i am not very care about the clothes and just clean and comfortable would be good to me. not the expensive the better. and i have a manner that my clothes are picked by myself and i do not even want to throw them away when it broken. so i would like to wear old clothes even when i am a billionaire already.

so when ayu asked about what fredom is in her tweet just now, this is it! i will do what's best for me, and no one could say anything about it.

my cousin pointed out that the theme colour for her son's wedding reception is dusky pink. well if i ever get myself a new baju, its not that i could wear it often anyway. unless its a casual wear like denim pants, skirts, etc. i would still wear them mix-and-match with other clothes that i already have in my wardrobe.

you know what my mom said when i told her about my intention? it seems that the baju is no more "in"! walaweiii... so what? i don't care what people gonna say. unless if my cousin willing to buy one for me that's good enough. i always believe, as long as i wear it nicely, it would still look nice and good no matter what. i would definitely look different what's more when i will do something to my hair like this. in fact the baju that i wore to that event is an old one as well: a white top that i bought from uluwatu boutique at the curve some time ago [take note that its not cheap, occay?], with white pants.

and take a look at this. i attended a 'perfect 10' line dance party in penang in october. that's what i came out finally to a theme of masquerade party:
  • a black cotton flare skirt that my tailor sew at a cost of RM48. i was thinking that i could still wear this kind of skirt to other occasions in the future.

  • a black top and high-heel shoes that i own from long time ago.

  • luckily i got the eye mask from a local shop, that cost me RM3.20 only! i saw exaactly the same at toys 'r us, in gurney plaza and the cost was much more expensive.

and talking about getting a new clothes, i am just on the look-out for a red colour pants. i am following my kl line dancing friends to a line dance event in jb, in 9 days. so that seems the only item that i don't have so far.

what say you people... ツ