Sunday, December 05, 2010

cartoon characters trend

its just like yesterday that i blogged about our malaysian youths especially the girls been using as drug mules. and for now you could see that i am joining the latest trend/campaign on facebook that's to replace my avatar to my fav childhood cartoon characters: she-ra, the princess of power... wootz!

this latest facebook meme, the cartoon fad started with facebook users in greece and cyprus in mid-november to raise awareness for children, STOP VIOLENCE AGENTS CHILDREN. read more here.

i think its a great way to say we care about our children and are willing to do whatever it takes to stop abuse against them. hope others will begin discussing the matter and support relevant charities and take up volunteer jobs.

i read quite a number of feedbacks online, positive, negative, everything... nevertheless i hate people that say we are idiot because we changed our profile pics. well this is a cause against child abuse. we are just getting back our old memories when we are young. this is for raising the awareness of child abuse. they don't really understand what is this for. its sad that some people won't even do something. it doesn't take that much to show that you care about people other than yourself!

i think it's a great idea! to everyone who think its stupid, don't be so selfish! there are some people out there who can't even donate $2 to help the cause. this is the least that we can do. its simple yet to some people it means a lot! ☮

so people who is/was your fav childhood cartoon characters?