Thursday, December 09, 2010

when life became too fragile~

alright peeps, so this is a spontaneous post after i found-out that someone 'poked' me on my fb. when i checked, that someone is apparently a 'kampung' friend's wife.

and when i thought again of how on earth that lady 'poked' me out of the blue, here's the story: i saw a good morning wish message posted by my friend on his fb page. so i as usual joyfully popped-in and informed him that i will be there on saturday, and would love him to belanja me at TGIF! i don't think that was bad at all... we have been friends from small. his mother was my auntie's batch in school. in fact both of our family know each other. and before i forgot, my friend found his step-sister or cousin i am not sure, via my fb page. what a small world that my blogger friend is actually related to this friend of mine. and when the lady saw my message, she must have been thinking who the hell am i huh?!!... well, join us at TGIF and that's not a problem for me at all!

oh, haluuu... lay-deee

i don't give a damn about your husband ler... don't worry at all for god's sake! and i am NOT that kind of woman to bother about someone's husband. and if you think that i wanna disturb your marriage life, then you are wasting your time! i am a single-mother, yes. but take note that i am also a strong woman with big hearts... enough said! ♡