Friday, November 19, 2010

wide awake!

haluuu... i am awoke now when everybody's sleeping. guess this happens everytime i wanna travel; yesh! am travelling again peeps, but haven't pack yet! bad.

well the feelings are always like this whenever i have to travel:
  • should i pack early or not: end-up its always a last minute packing like now
  • .
  • some of the reasons of not packing early: dunno of what to bring, end-up bring more clothes/things than needed. well its good too what... in case there's an emergency or something and maybe had to put some extra stays etc(?).

  • butterflies flying in the stomach: although i experienced travelling alone many times already but still... duh!

i know i know... to sum it up, i have to improve this someway or somehow for my own good ツ

anyhow i was damn happy yesterday when i took the chance to join my seniors at a mini-meetup here in kualé. it was good to be there. and to tell you the truth, it was my first time too to meet them, after i left school. well except with kak suzie who eventually became my manager at the merdeka line dance idol in august.

oh, gosh! sorry peeps... i haven't got the chance to blog about the first ever line dance competition that i entered. well its already in the draft folder ya... at the meantime you could view the video by clicking the floating image of me receiving the certificate... hah!

here's a pic of me with some of my seniors that i met yesterday. the pic is courtesy of kak suzana. i chose this because... i looked good in it hehee... i can't recall much those on far left and right. but kak awanis, the one on my right, yes, she was our school's athlete. her high jump records still there!


but i am so proud of my school that i wanna show you people this:


and this pic too:


isn't those lovely...

after the quick meetup with them at a local café, we adjourned: i had to fetch megat while they went and gate-crashed our school!

from the pics obviously you could guess that our school has her own history. the first pic showed the main building where it used to be the residence of j.w.w. birch, the first british resident of perak.

the second one was a pic taken from the main building's tower warghhh!!!... to tell you all the truth, i haven't been up there myself yet! you could have a very nice view of kualé. take note that our school is located on the hill of bukit kerajaan.

to all my kakak-kakak, i missed you all already!

alright peeps, that's enough for now... i am afraid that i still have lots of packing to do. till then...

*pics courtesy of kak suzana

* * * * *

updates at 7:48 am:
and look at this too that kak awanis just uploaded. so can you all imagine that a british resident lived there...