Monday, November 01, 2010

love the earth no matter what

i will normally keep some recycle shopping bags in the car. so i brought tesco's bags when we wanna shop at jusco yesterday. for mom, jusco's one are meant for wet market only now since it doesn't look good no more. ok, fine.


at first mom was worried as if the staff don't want to accept different bags other than theirs... walaweiii!!! so i told mom that when we wanna save the environment, it doesn't matter whether we have to use the shop's bags only~ the most important thingy is that we didn't use ANY plastic bags! :)

and in our case, it shouldn't be a problem for jusco even though we use different recycle bags. we bought things from them anyway, right?

so how about you people: do you have problems using different recycle bags at different shops?


anyhow i haven't try this locally though, as i find people here are quite weird. and i didn't see shops here encouraged their customers not to use plastic bags. i saw the local the store supermarket has started to sell their own recycle shopping bags. but i still see plastics being used widely. like i said earlier, people find it weird seeing me using my own bags.

i truly hope that the local authority will start to do something. this is serious. we could see people in other states have already used to 'save the plastic' campaign. i know in penang, consumers will be charged if they didn't bring their own bags and still use the shop's plastics on every monday, while in selangor is every saturday. i merely don't understand why they never wanna practice this campaign here... duh!