Wednesday, November 17, 2010

capture your wedding day through the lens of family and friends


wedding videos are one of the first things to go when young couples begin making hard decisions to balance their nuptial budget. wedit is helping couples celebrate "their big day" for a lifetime by providing an affordable, fun and easy way to capture, edit and share all of their wedding memories through digital video. i mean, the man behind the idea is so brilliant i tell you. read on to find out more...

through the service, wedit loans five high-definition video cameras to wedding couples to allow their guests to film the wedding and reception, giving newlyweds a glimpse of their special day through the eyes of their friends and family. guests can capture candid and fun moments that a professional videographer would not be able to obtain at a fraction of the cost.

according to brett demarrais, CEO of wedit- most people don't get a video because of the price. it's true.

having a videographer film the event and edit the tape afterward often starts at $1,500; leaving many young couples happy to stick with just a photographer. wedit whittles that base price down to $500 by mailing five HD flip cameras so people attending the wedding can capture it. the cameras come with a pre-packaged box the newly married couple can send back to wedit, which will edit cameras and provide the final cut that can be mailed on a cd or posted on the internet.

wedit is already started doing a handful of test weddings this summer!

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