Monday, November 01, 2010

sneak peek: 'estet' premiere screening

wow... it has been like almost 2 weeks hor? i didn't blog huhuu... well if you follow my twitter you would know of how busy i was for the past weeks~ there were quite a number of events that i attended; and that will be carried on this week too. so now already november, i have told myself that i will make sure to complete all the pending blog post asap...

so as you could see we were in sitiawan on saturday for 'estet' premiere screening. i could rather say a long blog post will be coming out soon. at the meantime i just can't wait to show you people this~


as tweeted earlier i lurve this candid pic! candid pics will normally bring a certain captured event and such alive! see it for yourself and you will know of what i mean. it will of course be added to my many collections of favourite pics. thanks to noozwan wahab for taking this wonderful pic ツ